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Bowel Cancer Patients - Over 70s Missing Out Australians may be living longer but it appears increasing age is a barrier to accessing medical care for bowel cancer patients.   A NSW study of almost 1,000 people has found those older than 70 years were significantly less likely to receive chemotherapy after their surgery for lymph node-positive colon cancer than people younger than 65.
Nurses may help improve access to colonoscopy A two-year program training nurses to help meet the growing demand for colonoscopy services is now in the evaluation stage.
Report highlights delay in access to bowel cancer medicines A comparison of access to cancer medicines in five countries has found Australians with bowel cancer may be waiting longer than many cancer patients for new treatments.
#BowelCancerApp: Chemo at home, info on the phone In the era of personalised medicines and oral chemotherapy taken at home, Bowel Cancer Australia is getting Aussies ready for the future of patient care with a new bowel cancer app.    Bowel Cancer Australia chief executive Mr Julien Wiggins said the days of the passive patient are long gone.
Diet, physical activity and your bowel cancer risk The latest evidence on modifiable risk factors for bowel cancer - including meat and alcohol - has been compiled into a new resource - Bowel Cancer Risk: Diet and Lifestyle - to help more people reduce their risk of this common disease. The evidence is taken from recognised authorities, primarily the World Cancer Research Fund.

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All Australians aged 50 & over, who do not have symptoms or a family history of bowel cancer, are encouraged to undertake bowel cancer screening. 

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A Healthy Community

Bowel cancer is something people don’t like to talk about; it’s a conversation killer.  Our aim is to stop people dying of embarrassment. 

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The countdown is on to Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (1-30 June 2014)
and Red Apple Day (Wednesday 18th June). 
For further details, to register your interest and get involved this June


Bowel Cancer Australia provides a range of resources and patient services.
Visit understanding bowel cancer and patient services web pages for more info.
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Bowel Cancer Pathway

Bowel cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable.  Whether you are seeking information about diet, screening or a bowel cancer diagnosis, our pathways help to explain and guide you through your journey.

Having the right information and an understanding of what is happening can help you play an active part in your health care, and help you better understand your treatment and medication.

Certainly, your medical team are the experts in the disease but it is your life, your illness, your body.  Don’t be rushed into making decisions before you’ve had a chance to reflect and don’t be frightened to ask about anything you don’t understand.  Be confident to ask about the choices available to you, and seek a second opinion to gain more information before making any decision.

Reset. Accelerate. Communicate.

The Bowel Cancer 2016 Challenge, released in March 2013, sets out three key goals to be achieved by 2016.  The overall objectives relate to a significantly increased profile of bowel cancer within Australia and improvements for bowel cancer patients.

A key goal relates specifically to the Government's National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.  The Challenge offers practical and cost effective recommendations to maximise the potential of this life-saving program, such as having it reflect Australia's own medical guidelines.  It's not too much to ask.

These goals are not new.  They follow on from the 2012 Challenge.  The Bowel Cancer 2016 Challenge has been developed to ensure these vital goals stay on the nation's agenda.

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Real Life Stories

Barbara's story (60, NSW)

I had a bowel cancer test in November 2006 which came back all clear, therefore when symptoms started occurring in February 2007 I ignored them, at the age of 57, blamed my new job, the change of lunch hours etc. Initially the symptoms were changes in my bowel habits, rectal bleeding with froth and bubbles. Eventually the symptoms started to get serious, with some stomach pain, a heaviness in the back passage and generally feeling uncomfortable. In September 2007 I couldn’t ignore any of this any longer.

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Are you at risk?

Both men and women are at risk of developing bowel cancer.  The risk is greater if you -

  • are aged 50 years and over; or
  • have a personal or family history of bowel cancer or polyps; or
  • have had an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

There is emerging evidence regarding type 2 diabetes as a potential risk factor for bowel cancer, however further research is required.

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Healthy eating can be a challenge, particularly for bowel cancer patients.  Making things easier and providing practical support is really important to us here at BCA, so check out the helpful high and low fibre recipes, put together by Nutrition Adviser, Teresa.

We also have a range of nutritional resources developed specifically for bowel cancer patients.